Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dear Community

I feel it is time for me to step up and take responsibility for my actions (or lack thereof.) I know I went into this with your support. I know that I really had the intentions of making this a year long project. I really enjoy the whole process of taking pictures and editing them, but I have found that this "whole process" takes up a lot more of my time than I thought it would.

With that being said, please understand why I have not been posting lately. Also, I think you should know, if you hadn't figured it out already, that the pictures I have posted under the previous dates, are not actually from those days. Some of them may be, but most of them are not. I am going to try and be better about posting pictures daily. As of right now I will be returning my camera, but I have been considering other alternatives to funding this purchase. With that being said, I may be posting pictures from my iPhone and maybe my powershot ... if I find it.

Thanks for reading,

Elisha L Guido
Consistently Inconsistent
Amateur Photographer


Boaty Boat
Dear Boat,
I hope you enjoy being on the water. Before you know it there will be no more water. There will only be ice. I hope you take care of yourself during your off-season. But until the time comes for you to be stored away, I hope you enjoy the freedom you can experience out on the water.


The picture is weeks old, but the love will last forever.


Also A Picture From The 6th
Zachary and a banana.


Not Quite Senior Picture
Tonight (also the 6th) Zachary decided to stop and sit on a rock. I liked this picture. So I am posting it.


Ring Around The Rosy
Tonight (which is actually the 6th) I took Zachary for a walk. When we got to this little cover in the road he decided to sing "ring around the rosy." It was funny. But I wouldn't let him fall down. He was okay with that.


This was taken for a birthday party. It was a picture scavenger hunt. This one had tough competition, but in the end it won out. We may have lost the war, but we won this battle ... so that is something nice.


Through The Window
Kevin took this. The end.


Late Night
This night I was messing around with long exposures and a dull flash light. I was trying to spell out "skull" but apparently I missed the shot.


Angie At The Park
That about covers the picture.


Baby Addison
'nuf said


Same Box, Same Day
This picture was taken the same day as the previous picture. What can you do?


I'm In A Box
This picture is wicked old ... and by "wicked" I mean a few weeks. Also, it was taken by Carrie, so that is cool.


Car Accident
Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes we get in car accidents. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't posted on this blog since my accident. Hopefully I'll get better at this. Also, I won't have the cannon anymore. That's a bummer.