Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have named the cowman (yes, that's right, cowman) that I saw at Huckleberry Days Bradshaw. He was quite the character. He has quite the outfit and his beard wasn't too shabby either. I was way too nervous to ask if I could take pictures of him, so that is kind of why you can only see his back. It's a funny story really. He was sitting at this table so I just went up to it and sat down behind me. I think he noticed I had a camera and managed to make me feel pretty awkward by just looking at me for a good few minutes. Once Carrie came up to me I had her sit down so I could pretend to take pictures of her. Oh Bradshaw, if only we had met forty years back.


  1. yeah, forty years back when you did not exist yet...

  2. I accidentally posted the same thing twice:)